Tarot Reading 15min

Saved by a Spell

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Need direction? Are you stuck energetically? Need hope fo the future?

This Tarot reading is here to help you!

15min Reading

Readings are done intuitively using 3 decks. These Tarot decks tap into the energy surrounding you influences from your ground level and higher energy planes.

Specific questions can be asked, but as an ethical principle I do not perform health, pregnancy or relationship readings unless they are brought up naturally in the general reading.

If you don't need to know... you don't need to know!

Please contact via Instagram or Facebook messenger after purchasing so i can see a photo, doesn't need to be fancy or with you "looking good". This is needed so I can tap into your energy for the most accurate reading possible by distance. Thank you for understanding. 

Readings can be done live via Zoom or by email.

Email Readings are done on video, a private video link will be sent 1-2 business days after purchase.

Please contact by Instagram or Facebook DM to book a live reading time before purchasing. @savedbyaspell