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Witchcraft related videos, meditations and guidance. From the basics of witchcraft to more advanced paths and theories.



Tarot Readings and Reiki 

Professional and intuitive tarot readings, utilizing multiple decks in addition to oracle cards to relay messages from the client's guides and spirit. Readings are channelled to deliver messages to help clients achieve balance in their conscious lives. Directed questions are also welcome to assist clients with a specific conflict. 


Heal through energy work. Align your body's energy with universal energy to promote balance and healing. Alignment of chakras and your body's natural  connections can help heal physically and mentally*. Originally developed in Japan, Reiki 霊気 is also known as palm healing. Practitioners use their palms to receive energy and to direct energy. Although commonly done in person, this can also be achieved from a distance. Reiki done from a distance is just as affective as sessions done in-person. 


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