Saved by a Spell grew out of a desire and calling to educate and inspire people interested in Witchcraft. Making it easy to understand and start practicing. Information and products for witches at every age and stage.


It began with workshops at my local yoga studio; teaching people about the basics of witchcraft and debunking the common misconceptions. Many people attended the workshops but it became clear early on that the stigma and misconceptions around witchcraft kept people from exploring it further. Even after explaining the truth and how common misconceptions began, many people still struggled to change their minds. This amplified my desire to  educate people about what witchcraft truly is about, and also allow people who are looking for guidance to feel safe. 

It became clear early on that my small, conservative town did not contain as many aspiring witches that one would hope. So I moved onto social media, creating inspirational posts on Facebook and eventually Instagram. This allowed me to keep in touch with people who were local and to expand my reach to other people. People from all over Canada and the USA joined my page. 

When I decided to start selling my pre-made ritual and spell kits, I was apprehensive. But every so often I would make a sale and help someone in a time of spiritual need. This was all I needed at the time and my personal spiritual journey was expanding.

As a Professional Tarot reader I have also been privileged to connect people with their spiritual guides and deliver messages. My readings have always been geared towards what people need to hear versus what they want to hear. Helping people grow and heal is about the truth, to expand outside of the physical world.

I have participated in and provided tarot services hosted by private businesses, large functions, business fairs and markets, outdoor festivals and events.


Every Saved by a Spell package comes with a rose quartz crystal as an extra thank you. This is not done by chance or just by a quick marketing idea. The above picture is of me and my mom. She died in 2017. Before she got sick, she ran a charity which included collecting Canadian Tire money (for the non-canadians, it's a store credit program which includes physical "bills"). She started to send thank you cards to anyone who mailed her Canadian Tire money, and she included a rose quartz crystal. She was always my biggest fan, no matter what I pursued in life, but she always supported my spiritual choices. Days before she passed she was still asking me what I was doing with my "witchy stuff" and always wanted to hear how I was expanding or growing. Our physcial store was dedicated to her when we opened in February of this year.

2020 The Year of Change

January 2020 was the beginning of a series of events and decisions that would lead us to where we are today. My youngest daughter was born, which is always a change bringing a new baby into the home, but the big change was me going on maternity leave. As a workaholic, this was a big adjustment. So I joined TikTok and started making short videos to pass the free time and to connect with people in the outside world. When my channel became more popular than I could imagine, I decided to add new products to my Etsy page and see what happened. Within a month, I sold over 500 mystery boxes which had rave reviews. I was getting messages consistently telling me that they liked everything in the boxes and there was more than they expected. This is where the idea and inspiration to begin the subscription boxes came in. My subscriptions boxes are based loosely on how I build my mystery boxes, but with more structure. By following a theme, and choosing the items based on the season and events taking place around the time of the box's release. This will allow experienced witches to have items they will need during that time, and with the included directions, allow beginner witches to learn about not only the items but about the season's celebrations. 

Following the success I gained online, I had the drive and direction to open a physical store front. After months of growing, paperwork and moving my office...twice. I was always met with road blocks. It was becoming clear that it was never going to happen in the town I was currently in. So what does one do? give up? keep trying? How about move across the country?

Thats exactly what I did. I moved my whole family across the country, not to start over, but to start fresh.

Our store is now open and thriving, growing week by week, more that we could have ever anticipated. Here is to expanding online, in-person and beyond.